A Trans Dating App for All Transgenders and Crossdressers

Transdr is an online dating app designed for transgenders, crossdressers, transvestites and so on. It provides a platform and place for them to talk, meet and date for that no one could understand them better than themselves. Up to now, Transdr has covered most countries of the world. People can find local trans and even find a trans date during their trip.

How does it work?
Just like other dating apps, Transdr adopted the most common system of them but made some improvement, which saves the adaptation time but offers a better user experience. Create your profile with some pretty photos of your own. A pretty photo can increase the chance of you getting a date. After you finish creating the profile, you could launch the app and star hunting. The first thing you should do is go to “Browse” to view the profiles. These profiles are filtered for you by your sexual orientation if you set it. If you are interested in man, we can only present men to you and otherwise only women will be presented. If you are a bisexual or you want to make some friends to talk to, we can also present you both men and women. By sliding right or left to choose the ones you like or pass. If the person you like also likes you back, you will be matched and will be free to talk to each other. Also, if you find it is too much trouble to go through so many profiles, you can go to “Search” and put in the type of person you like, such as age, body type, eye color, ethnicities and so on. We will directly present these types of persons to you. After going over the profiles, you can go to “Moments” to view. This is where users share moments with others, just as on facebook or twitter. You could share yours as well. It is also a good way to get some exposure. If you find there’s someone you like, you can also leave him/her comments. There are other features such as “Chats”, “Links”, and “me”, which can make your hunting journey easier and more efficient.

VIP membership
Our basic features are free for all transgender users. We also provide VIP membership, which enables users to enjoy a superior experience. The price is: One month for $14.99; 3 months for $29.99; 6 months for $49.99, the best value!

You can have the privileges below:
1. You can send unlimited messaged to any one you want, making it so easy to make friends or find someone you like to date.
2. Our VIP members have a VIP emblem each on their profiles, which make them stand out from all.
3. You get to see who viewed your profile and who added you as him/her favorite.
4. You can see who liked you and who matched with you.
5. You can get spot in the search result.
6. You can get full access to search filter. You can search people by location, last login date, sexual role and so on.