Commandments of Cross-dressing within Your Marriage

1. Present well. Make sure that you understand what is crossdressing, what's the feeling of crossdressing and what this feeling means. Whether or not you are transgender people, you just like to wear the clothes of the opposite sex. Be confident to your spouse, you are not confessing to a horrible crime, as so many of us who have first come out to our wives felt like this is such a terrible thing, but I need to tell her and it comes out like you are serial killer. It's a positive thing you are trying to be honest in your relationship, you are explaining another aspect of yourself. Just assume you are going on a trans dating.

2. Listen to your wife. She may say "I need to take some times." If she has any questions for you, answer her, but if she doesn't have any questions, if she just wants times, giver her space, it's not the end of the world. If you've already come out and she is okay with it, you should also listen to what she's saying, otherwise it will ruin your marriage.

3. Be discreet. If she has said "I get it, I know what it is about." It means keep it to yourself, you can continue to do it without anybody knowing about it. You are not going to let the neighborhood into it, you are going to keep it as a secret, show her that you can be discreet about it. Maybe you want to do it more, but you should shoe her that you can control it, because it's still a new thing to her.

4. Wear your own clothes. It is very important to wear your own clothes. A lot of crossdressers are big girls, they may look quite a bit larger than their wives. You can share clothes with her, unless she told you "we can shopping together, we can share clothes." God bless you if that happens. It probably won't and a lot of crossdressers already knew that. Wearing her clothes is a terrible invasion of her privacy, she wouldn't even want her own sister to do it.

5. Move slowly, don't go too fast. Your emotion can get the best of you, and what you perceive would hurt a little bit of acceptance to you. You dress like a woman, so you need to act like a woman.

6. Seek guidance, find a good gender therapist or a support group. There are many support group everywhere. Trans chat rooms are really cool to get advice, but nothing beats face -to-face, so go to a support group, they are protected environments, your anonymity will probably be protected. You can learn more about yourself this way.

7. Protect and respect your wife. It's all about her as you move through this process of her accepting your trans tendencies, trans desires or cross-dressing. This is about her acceptance, and acceptance takes time. So, you really have to respect your wife, this process is all about her.

8. Dress like a lady. Society has uniforms for men, and women even have more choices on clothing. Dress of your age, don't dress to young or too old.