Different Types of Transgender People

Transgender is a general term, which refers to all the people whose gender identity and assigned sex are inconsistent. But under the term, there are many branches. Many people belong to the transgender dating, but there are many different classifications of the transgender. In general, the term "transgender" refers to those who use surgery, hormones or other means to make their bodies as consistent as possible with their assigned sex. This process of changing their bodies through medical means is also called sex or gender reassigned. Recently, the medical community has given a new name to this transition process, called gender confirmation.

In this branch, transgender people are generally divided into two types: MTF and FTM. When a person's gender at birth is male, but they have gender identity with women, if they dare to change their body through these medical treatments, then this type of person is MTF. On the contrary, if a person's assigned sex is female, but has a gender identity for men, then this type of person is FTM. And, in most cases, those in transition are more likely to be called the gender they identify with, such as male or female, than the transgender. This is also what a lot of transgender hookup finders should pay attention to when chatting with their tinder transgender hookup partners.

In addition to FTM and MTF, there is another branch under the transgender, which is crossdresser. The difference between crossdressers, FTM and MTF is that they agree with their assigned sex, which is not uncomfortable. They just want to be able to wear heterosexual clothing, not through these medical means to change their gender. Wearing these heterosexual clothes can bring them psychological satisfaction. In the field of crossdresser, although they all get satisfaction through the change of clothing, their degree of cross dressing is not the same. Cross dressing is just one of the ways of gender expression, which has nothing to do with pornography, although their behavior is often misunderstood by others. Besides, they don't show that they are interested in the same sex by wearing the clothes of the opposite sex, or to attract the attention of the same sex, but just to satisfy themselves. Different cultures have different tolerance for cross dressing. Not only that, their tolerance for male and female cross dressers is also different.

Drag queens refers to those men who deliberately dress up as women in order to make people happy in the entertainment place, while drag kings refers to those women who dress up as men in the entertainment place.

Another branch under the transgender is the genderqueer. Compared with other transgender, their gender identity is fuzzy. They don't think of them as men or women. In general, they define their gender as somewhere between men and women. Moreover, they also tend to use a neutral pronoun to refer to them, such as zie and hir. Some people of this type don't think of their transgender people. Find the best trans hookup app.