Not All Transgender People Should Transition

According to data, there are over 1.9 million people are identified as transgender and the number is going up every day. Most transgender people have more or less serious gender dysphoria. They often consider transition to be a necessary option. As a matter of fact, not all transgender people should transition. Some of them even do not realize that it is even an option. This article is for people who just realize they are trans and do not sure they should transition or not. Transitioning may be a easier option for some people than others. First, you need to know that it is very normal if you do not want to transition. There are lots of reasons in out world and society that make transition so difficult, such as where you live, what resources you have, your family and friends, environment and etc. Transitioning might be very tricky for you and you are not alone in this. There are some tips and advice for transgender people who have been wavering on this issue.

First, some people do not sure their gender dysphoria is serious enough to transition. Many people really do not sure if their feelings are just a phase or it is permanent. Besides, gender dysphoria can vary in different circumstances. You are possibly influenced by little things and your gender dysphoria can be turned on in a major way. In a word, it changes in different situations. The solution is to give it time. You need time to figure it out and see how bad it is. Try to think that if it is acceptable to you to not transition. In the meantime, try to gather as much information about transgender and transitioning as you can. Try to understand what it means to be a trans, what will you do if you are to transition, what other people think of transgender people, and how would you react if you are not accepted by public. Record your feelings and concerns. The more educated you are, the surer you will be.

Second, this is about your own situation, which varies from person to person. What your family and friends think about you being a transgender. You can ask them directly or indirectly and see how they react. What are you going to do for living if you transition? You must be realistic about it. There is employment issue when you are a transgender. Many companies may not be so support of your identity. There are also safety concerns. Many transgender people are killed, committed suicide and violated. You need to attach great importance to this. What is more, transitioning is a very costing and expensive process. Once you start, you should better make sure money is not one of the concerns, because you have so many other issues to worry about. Passing is also a problem face by many transgender people who decide to transition. Whether you can pass very well? It can do much influence to your relationship and other factors of your life.