Why Is It Difficult to Be A Transsexual Women?

Transsexual needs the lots of guts and confidence. When you are a men and Trans to women, definitely you need to maintain balance between you and your life style that completely changes after transition. I met a young man few years before who was born a man but later in his early twenties undergone with a transsexual surgery and become a woman. Now, she is living her life quite amazingly, owns a good job and healthy lifestyle that impress everyone but one thing where is feels something weird in her. But her relationship experience with men is not quite that good but a disaster to her. That is because of her transsexual identity. 

Most of men think that she will demand money after having sex with them. This is not the reason only for her but for all transsexual women. Each and every transsexual woman has to face this situation every time when they are in relationship. This thing really broke her and she looses all her confidence to be in a relationship again or give a next chance to herself. The only thing she wants to live like genuine women and not a slut or a whore.

When you are not comfortable in any relationship or anything you have in your life, it’s better to re-calculate all things again and know what exactly you are doing wrong. She is quite good in almost all areas of her life that what a normal man cannot afford easily but the only thing she is facing issues or complication is about her relationship status. Each time in every relationship she feels like she is used by her boyfriend and then left her like a whore. So, the most important thing being transsexual women is enjoying your relationship status along with your lifestyle. It’s better to analyze what’s going wrong in her relationship. There are few things that she needs to check while in a relationship. First, Is she really enjoying in bed with her boyfriend. Or what happened if she is not enjoying at all and start getting bored quickly while going to intimate.

When negative thoughts start striking in your mind, then sure there is no chance that your relationship will work anymore and you have to stay with your partner for long. This is a serious issue because most of transgender women already face the same situation as they are not getting the respect and value to their emotions what they expect from their partner. Most men would treat them badly and disrespect for what they are. They believe that they are only a sex object and have no right to be in a relationship. The thing they want from men is only sex and money. Being happy is something that everyone really want to in any relationship. When we talk about long term relationship with transsexual women than surely there is something that we are missing in and that is trust and respect along with the better sex relationship.